Eligibility Criteria:

Contestants must be registered students currently enrolled in an educational institution in India.

Contestants must be valid members of AASI by completing the registration process provided by the association.

Nomination Process:

Contestants must submit their nominations within the specified timeframe announced by the Election Committee.

Nominations should include the contestant’s full name, contact information, institution, and a brief statement outlining their candidacy and proposed agenda.

Campaigning Rules:

Campaigning should be conducted in a respectful and inclusive manner, adhering to the values of Tolerance, Dialogue, and Consultations.

Contestants are encouraged to focus their campaigns on promoting the objectives and values of AASI, rather than engaging in personal attacks or divisive tactics.

Campaign materials must be approved by the Election Committee before dissemination.

Don’t use the Association’s resources like equipment, personnel, letterhead, photocopies, telephones, or email addresses to influence voters fraudulently.

Do not deface a fellow candidate.

Do not make monetary or in-kind expenditures to influence voters.

Do not spread misinformation or hold meetings during the election period to influence voters or intimidate voters into voting for you.

Voting Process:

All registered members of AASI are eligible to vote.

The voting process will be conducted electronically ensuring transparency and fairness.

Voters must verify their identity using their AASI membership credentials before casting their votes.

Election Monitoring:

The Election Committee will oversee the entire election process to ensure compliance with the established guidelines.

Any reported violations of the election guidelines will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken by the Election Committee.


All candidates should pay their application fee after submitting the candidate application form.

The application fee for executive positions (National President, Vice President, National General Secretary, National Treasurer) is 7500 Indian Rupees.

The application fee for other positions is 5000 Indian Rupees.

Female candidates are eligible for a 50% discount on the fees.

Positions to contest for 2024-2025 AASI general election:

  1. National President
  2. Vice President
  3. National General Secretary
  4. Deputy Secretary General
  5. National Treasurer
  6. Deputy Treasurer
  7. National Public Relations Officer
  8. Deputy PRO
  9. National Social Events Coordinator
  10. Deputy National Social Events Coordinator
  11. National Communication Officer
  12. Deputy National Communication Officer
  13. National High Commission & Embassies Relation Coordinator
  14. Deputy National High Commission & Embassies Relation Coordinator
  15. Education Coordinator
  16. Deputy Education Coordinator

Results Announcement:

The Election Committee will announce the election results promptly after the voting period has ended.

Results will be communicated to all AASI members through official channels, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Responsibilities of Elected Candidates:

Elected candidates must uphold the mission and values of AASI.

They are responsible for representing the interests of African students in India, promoting unity, cooperation, and academic excellence within the community.

Elected candidates should actively engage with members, organize events, and work towards achieving the objectives outlined by AASI.

Terms and Conditions:

Elected candidates will serve a term as specified in AASI constitution for the concern position.

Candidates must abide by the constitution and by-laws of AASI during their tenure.

In the event of any misconduct or failure to fulfill responsibilities, elected candidates may face impeachment proceedings as per the established procedures.

For any communication, complaints, or inquiries regarding the AASI General Election 2024-2025, please contact us via email at elcomaasi@gmail.com.

We welcome your feedback and are here to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding the election process.

All candidates will be interviewed by the Election Committee after submitting the application form. The status of their application will be determined following the interview process.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Association of African Students in India (AASI) election. We look forward to hearing from you.

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