Racism is an abiding problem in India, where it intersects with the hierarchies of caste, religion, region, class, background, gender, sexuality, ability. It is evidently very prevalent in the Indian society, acknowledging and taking a stand against it means we are greater than stereotyping, prejudice or discrimination by opening up conversations among people who are uneducated on the issues bordering on racism to decipher how we can have a more inclusive and ultimately encompassing society and this is what this awareness campaign is set to achieve.
Going by the growing trend of racial discrimination of minority groups including the African student’s community across India and people from the NorthEast of India. The AASI awareness campaign against stereotypes and discrimination has become very pertinent and Association has decided to snap out of playing the victim but to be part a solution to the menace of racism.

Discrimination, stereotypes or prejudice can have serious consequences for those who experience it. It is capable of shattering one’s confidence and sense of worth. It is very capable of undermining one’s ability to perform exceedingly well in every facet of life. More dangerously, it locks people out of social and economic opportunities, entrenching disadvantage. Ultimately, Discrimination, stereotypes or prejudice hurts humanity. This awareness campaign seeks to achieve the under listed goals.
Across India, there are individuals doing great things to reduce and prevent Discrimination, stereotypes or prejudice. We seek to engage the people at the grassroots in the local communities or specific environments who have a deep understanding of this issues and ideas and how to curb them.

a. To bring to our consciousness of what we have in common as humans irrespective of our different believes or affiliations or race.
b. Give locals tools and resources to take practical action against discrimination, stereotypes or prejudice.
c. Encourage individuals and organizations to prevent and respond effectively against this anti-human vices.
a. Create awareness on discrimination and how it affects people and the broader community.
b. Identify, promote and build on good practice initiatives to prevent and reduce stereotypes and prejudice in the society.
c. Empower communities and individuals to take actions to prevent and reduce Stereotypes and prejudices and to seek redress whenever it occurs.

Delivery of actions that will foster positive attitudes and behaviors towards creating a Discrimination, stereotypes or prejudice-free society for everyone.
1.1 Campus workshops in Sharda University, Noida International University and Jamia Hamdard University using comic art to break stereotypes.
1.2 Intergroup community interactions aimed at breaking down barriers amongst all the minority groups and other communities through community service to reach out to people at the grassroots.
1.3 Music as a strong unifying factor. Afro-Indo music collaboration for a street jam performance to promote tolerance, love, peace, and unity.
1.4 Sports as a strong unifying factor to bring everyone together in the alignment of a common objective. Cricket & Football football matches to promote tolerance, love, peace, and unity.
1.5 Partner with local media, NGOs and youth organizations to generate positive communications in local media, to meet campaign objectives.
1.6 Walk for acceptance and tolerance.

Delhi, Bangalore, Greater Noida, Hyderabad, and Pune